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2013 Round Up

Happy New Year!… I know it’s a bit late but as usual we’re all tied up taking care of various things and unfortunately the website doesn’t always get the love it deserves.

The crew are very pleased to announce only seven call outs in 2013 despite all the good weather we had. Sadly many of the call outs we did have were quite serious and we’re pleased that nobody came to any serious harm. Please keep an eye on tides and weather before you venture out near the water.

We have been planning activities for the year and we can now announce that the annual Welsh Open Water Estuary Swim will be held on the 21st June 2014. it’s a little earlier than the usual August date but this is to ensure that the tide will be right. As always, swimmers’ safety is paramount. There’s more information about the event in the dedicated page – just click on the sidebar.


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