Find out about the recent callouts that Ferryside Lifeboat has been tasked with:

Ferryside Lifeboat was tasked by HM CG to assist the Police and Fire & Rescue service to search for a missing person who was believed to have entered the River Towy north of Carmarthen.

Paged at 21:05 we were launched within 8 minutes and on scene within 15. The boat was recovered at around 22:45, with the crew finally leaving the station at 23:45 after an hour's "making ready for service."

Thankfully the person was found safe and well (we believe not in the river), so a great outcome to a long shout.
2 miles off Ginst Point
Ferryside Lifeboat was paged by HMCG at 5.45 this afternoon and tasked to assist a vessel that had reported engine failure 2 miles off Ginst Point.

The lifeboat crewed by Coxswains Anthony Rees & Richard Jones, and Marks Lucas and Foxton, was launched within 8 mins and was swiftly on scene. There was however no sign of a vessel in the area and a search was started.

With deteriorating visability, Tenby All Weather Lifeboat, Burry Port Lifeboat and Rescue 187 SAR helicopter were also tasked to help with the search, as well as Burry Port and Llansteffan mobile Coastguard units on land. With tide falling, Ferryside Lifeboat's smaller craft was also launched to help search shallower waters around the Gwendraith.

Despite all of the teams' best efforts, no vessel was found and with light failing, the crew was stood down and returned to shore around 9.30pm.
Lifeboat launched on service this afternoon to help two people stranded by the incoming tide.

Two people were picked up by the lifeboat off of rocks in Ferryside, and all were returned to the Lifeboat Station in Ferryside where they were treated for exposure.
Burry Port
Ferryside IRB was tasked to assist the recovery of two walkers stranded by tide in Burry Port estuary.

The lifeboat responded with all speed to the scene of the casualties. As we arrived on scene in Burry Port harbour, the walkers were able to find their way to safety and the lifeboat was stood down. An excellent turn out by crew ensured a very quick launch.
River Taf
The Lifeboat received a call from Coastguard to assist two walkers that were seen being caught by the incoming tide after attempting to cross the River Taf with a heavy load of camping equipment. Ferryside Lifeboat was launched within 7 minutes by Coxswain Matt Roth and made full speed to the area. The two casualties were quickly spotted - one had managed to reach the shore, the other was being swept downriver. After recovering both walkers and their equipment, and treating them for exposure, the lifeboat navigated to Laugharne where it was met by waiting a waiting mobile Coastguard team who took over care of the casualties.
Scott's Bay
A small rib with 6 people on board lost power off Scott's Bay in high winds. 10 crew responded to the shout, and the main lifeboat was quickly launched by Coxswain Mike Utting. The boat was brought under control and towed back to Ferryside, with casualties treated on board and in the boathouse for exhaustion and hypothermia.
Taf Estuary
Whilst on a training exercise to Laugharne, the lifeboat crew were tasked by Coastguard to locate a vessel in distress whose gearbox had failed. The lifeboat made contact with the drifting vessel within a few minutes, and proceeded to fix a tow and pull the boat back to Laugharne - navigating the very narrow harbour on a falling tide.
River Towy
Ferryside lifeboat were tasked at 9pm last night to perform a search and recovery for a boat that was overdue. The boat was eventually located run aground upriver and a search for the missing crew of the vessel commenced. Missing person was located safe and well and the lifeboat returned to base at midnight before launching again at 7.30 this morning to recover the vessel on the high tide. A tremendous turnout from crew for both the late night and early morning.
Towy Estuary
Ferryside lifeboat was requested by HM Coastguard this afternoon at 15:44 to assist a vessel with engine problems.

The lifeboat arrived quickly on scene, establishing a tow and returning the vessel to its home destination.

Pager to launch in a very impressive time of 7 minutes!
Pendine Sands
At 5.37, the lifeboat was tasked to recover a vessel that had suffered engine failure and run aground on Pendine Sands on the fall of the morning tide. Senior Coxswain Mike Hackfort led a crew, launching within 8 minutes, and recovered the casualty vessel, towing it back to Ferryside. A huge thank you to all the crew who turned out.
Llansteffan beach
Ferryside Lifeboat has taken final delivery of its hovercraft today. While out on trials with the manufacturer Keith Smallwood of Vortex Hovercraft, the crew received a phone call regarding a quad bike that had sunk deep into mud on Llansteffan beach.

The hovercraft was used to ferry 4 crew from Ferryside to Llansteffan to assist. Coxswains Andy Morgan, Mike Utting, Matt Roth and Senior Crew Simon Lamble attended with shovels and rope to help the owner recover the vehicle. The experience of Coxswain Andy Morgan in particular was invaluable having bogged an 70t Challenger tank in the past!

During a successful first day in Ferryside, Wales’s first rescue hovercraft has demonstrated how it significantly extends the capabilities of Ferryside Lifeboat as a rescue service for the Three Rivers community.
Wharley Point
Ferryside Lifeboat was paged at 3.37pm and asked to assist three walkers that had been trapped by the incoming tide. The Lifeboat launched within 9 minutes with Anthony, Simon Guy and Rob Harley on board and made it's way to the reported area. The walkers were located swiftly and recovered onto the boat - along with their dog. Llansteffan Mobile Coastguard unit then met the Lifeboat on Llansteffan beach to help the walkers safely to shore, the Lifeboat then returning to base and made ready for service by 5.30pm.
Towy Estuary
Ferryside Lifeboat was paged at 2.18pm to respond to reports of a swimmer in distress off St Ishmael. The crew of Anthony Rees, Richard Jones, Mike Hackfort, Dave Atkinson and Mark Lucas responded within minutes, but by the time they'd reached the area it appeared that the swimmer had exited the water themselves. The crew carried out a sweep of the beach to be sure there were no casualties in difficulty and then returned to station

Whilst recovering to boat, the coastguard called tasking the boat to assist a fishing vessel with a fouled prop that was adrift. The boat set to the water immediately, finding the fishing boat within minutes. The lifeboat then hooked up a tow and pulled the fishing vessel back to Ferryside so that they could attach to a mooring.

Whilst the lifeboat was towing the fishing boat, it received a third shout to help an overturned jetski off Llansteffan. The fishing boat was, by then, close to Ferryside and so it dropped anchor whilst the lifeboat was diverted to help the jetski. The crew checked on the casualty, and recovered them and the jetski back to Llansteffan safe and well. The lifeboat then returned to the fishing vessel and towed to a mooring.

All in all, a busy afternoon for Ferryside Lifeboat.

River Towy sandbars
The crew was called on a rising tide around 7pm to assist a casualty on the stuck on a sandbar in the middle of the river Towy. The mud-boat was launched to assist with two crew on-board and several shore-crew in attendance. Casualty recovered safely to Ferryside.
Green Castle Corner
The Lifeboat was called around 3pm to search the river Towy for a vulnerable person who had not returned from a walk in the morning. Both boats were launched on an ebbing tide into cold foggy conditions. Stood down after the person was found at home, and both boats slowly made their way back to the station in difficult conditions due to lack of navigable water.
Mouth of the river Gwendraeth
Early start on Sunday morning. The lifeboat was called at 08:41 to a vessel drifting in the Gwendraeth with the outgoing tide. The vessel was found to have come off its mooring and was located on Salmon scar. The lifeboat towed the vessel back to Ferryside where it was secured on the lifeboat's mooring for the owner to collect.
River Taf around Laugharne
Paged at 16:17 to a report of an adult with a young child who had become stuck in deep mud north of Laugharne in the river Taf on an incoming tide. Crew were to launch both boats to a grid reference with immediate urgency due to the rising water levels. Stood down after casualties managed to free themselves and get to shore.
Ferryside Beach
Paged by Coastguard after a report of kayakers in difficulty in fading light conditions. Kayakers made their way to shore, lifeboat stood down.
St Ishmael's Scar
HM Coastguard requested the launch of The Freemason to investigate reports of people stranded on Salmon Scar.
Coxn Mike Utting took charge of the lifeboat and, along with Crew Rob Harley and Glyn Jones made best possible speed to the target area.
Once on scene, it was discovered that the people in question were in fact fishing and were confirmed perfectly safe and well.
The boat was then stood down.
Tywyn Point
We were paged by the coastguard at 7.51pm to assist with the recovery of a yacht aground on Tywyn Point. The boat was launched within 8 minutes and quickly located the yacht. Liaising with Burry Port Mobile Coastguard and Burry Port Lifeboats, we accompanied the yacht to Towy Boat Club, setting out a low water course to ensure there was sufficient depth. Whilst the yacht suffered engine failure en route, Burry Port Lifeboat were able to attach a tow line - and the vessel and crew reached it's destination safely.
Tywyn Point
Paged by Milford Haven coastguard at 12.14pm to assist a yacht that had run aground off Wharley Point. Launched within 6 minutes and located the vessel off Tywyn Point on Cefn Sidan. A swiftly falling tide meant there was little water in which to operate but, liaising with Burry Port Mobile Coastguard, we were able to ensure that the boat was safely secured and that the crew were able to get ashore.
Scott's Bay
Paged at 2.57pm to assist a speed boat with engine problems at Scotts bay. Andy Morgan, Rob Harley and Pete Bailey had the boat on the water in 9 minutes and were able to tow the boat to safety.
Carmarthen Bay
Tasked by Coastguard to assist refloating a boat in Carmarthen Bay at high tide.
Carmarthen Bay
Tasked by Milford Haven Coastguard at 10.30 to attend to a boat run aground in Carmarthen Bay on an outgoing tide. Launched the main lifeboat in low water and recovered one crew member back to Ferryside shore, with the help of our smaller 'Mud Boat' - the other crew member electing to stay with the boat until high tide. Extremely low water meant a very slow and cautious return to base.
River Towy Estuary
The lifeboat was tasked by the Coastguard to assist a stranded/lost Kayaker in very difficult conditions, zero visibility and a rapidly receding tide. Crew members Anthony Rees, Mat Roth and Rob Harley attended and the kayaker was found safe and well and taken to Ferryside.

Thanks to Burry Port Coast Guard, Llanstephan Cg and Tenby RNLI who were also tasked.
Towy Estuary
Called to fishing vessel beached in the middle of the estuary at low tide. Made contact with crew and confirmed all ok, and was subsequently stood down.
Green Castle Wood
Ferryside Lifeboat was called to assist a boat with engine failure south of Green Castle Wood. The lifeboat was already on the water, carrying out a demonstration at Carmarthen Quay for the River Festival. The crew immediately left the display and made full speed to the reported location. They were able to quickly attach a line to the boat and tow it to safety.
Scotts Bay
Three people reported to be stranded in water. Ferryside Lifeboat was tasked alongside Llansteffan Coastguard to help and lifeboat was launched within 7 mins. Three people safely reached the shore and were met by the coastguard and lifeboat crew.
Gwendraith Estuary
Paged at 17.32 to assist a jetski adrift off Kidwelly. Launched within 8 minutes and made contact with the Jetski, recovering it to the Caravan Park.
River Towy
Paged at 17:55, three children and one adult in kayaks reported missing between Carmarthen and Ferryside, triggering multi-agency response. Lifeboat launched to conduct search of river, casualties found in the meantime, stood down.