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Ferryside Lifeboat

Ferryside Lifeboat is one of more than fifty lifeboats stationed around the British Isles that operate independently of the RNLI. They provide the same role as the RNLI and are “declared facilities” within HM Coastguard’s search and rescue organisation. As a declared facility Ferryside Lifeboat is launched by HM Coastguard in response to ‘999’ calls and distress calls on VHF CH16. At Ferryside, like most lifeboats operating in the Bristol Channel, we have to cope with a large tidal range, the second largest tidal rise and fall in the world makes our waters some of the most hostile in the world. Ferryside lifeboat is available 24 hours a day throughout the year and is staffed entirely by local volunteers. A smaller second lifeboat is also available at any state of the tide for mud and sandbank rescues.

Inshore lifeboats often work with RAF Sea King helicopters, and statistically carry out more than 90% of sea rescues. Indeed the boat and crew were featured in the BBC’s ‘999’ series after the lives of a father and son were saved in the Gwendraith estuary. As with all lifeboat crews a large element of our work is aimed at preventing accidents by giving advice about safety equipment, local sea conditions, tides etc. and that work is of course ongoing.

Ferryside Lifeboat 2011

The 2011 Ferryside Lifeboat

As an inshore lifeboat crew we are mindful not only of the responsibility we have for those needing our help at sea but that we also represent a custom that stretches back more than one hundred and seventy years to 1835 when the first lifeboat was stationed in the village, just 11 years after Sir William Henry founded the RNLI in 1824.

Currently we operate from our newly constructed lifeboat station on the foreshore of Ferryside. This was opened by HRH The Duchess of Gloucester on the 30th March 2010. Our present lifeboat is a 6.4 metre Ribcraft semi-rigid infatable craft with twin 90hp Suzuki four stroke engines, giving us a top speed of approximately 38 knots, and the ability to float in approximately 12 inches of water.

Each year we receive on average around 28 call outs. We are expecting this number to rise due to the increase in pleasure craft use recently and in coming years.

The crew of the Ferryside Lifeboat thank you for visiting this site and hope to welcome you again in the near future.


Ferryside Inshore Rescue

Proud to be a part of St. John Cymru.

Proud to serve the people of Carmarthenshire.

Charity No: 250523


How to contact us (non emergency):
Phone (Duty Coxswain): 07967 146009
Please phone ‘999’ in an emergency or use VHF channel 16.


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