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Talus arrives to replace tractor

We've been fundraising for the last year to  buy a more reliable launch vehicle for the main lifeboat.

Every time the boat is launched, our tractor has to be driven in and out of the estuary waters. Despite regular maintenance and a full wash down after every launch, san and salt water has taken a heavy toll and our tractor has been in need of urgent replacement.

The Talus

After detailed evaluation, we identified that a second-hand Talus, manufactured by Clayton Engineering, would be the perfect tool for the job.

Designed for the RNLI, these machines are designed to wade through water and pull heavy loads safely through sand and mud. They are fully watertight and, if necessary, can even be completely submerged.

Following incredibly generous donations, we were able to negotiate the purchase of a used, refurbished Talus MB-H which arrived on station in Ferryside on Friday.

We owe massive thanks to Trinity House, for their kind grant of £10,000 and to J and J Wilson Shops (and Trish Middleton in particular) for their donation of £2,500 without which this wouldn't have been possible.

We're confident that the Talus will prove a massive benefit to Ferryside Lifeboat - and will last for years to come.

Talus MBH Launch Vehicle for Ferryside Lifeboat