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Do you have any knowledge of the Lifeboat’s History?

The crew of Ferryside Lifeboat are trying to establish a more detailed picture of the station’s history and past rescues. While we are in possession of a certificate proving our claim to 175 years history, and we have a number of pictures of past boats, we unfortunately do not have much more than these few snippets. This is because the RNLI took much of documents and history with them when they withdrew from Ferryside in the early 1960’s. This wealth of information was placed at Burry Port and was subsequently lost when that station unfortunately burnt down sometime in the 1980’s.
If you are in possession of any photographic or documentary evidence, or if you can add any information about our long history then we would be very grateful if you could contact us or if we could copy your pictures with a view to display in our new boat station and on our website. We would of course take great care of your documents and return them to you promptly.
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