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The Crew

The crew of the Ferryside Lifeboat are all volunteers from the village. Currently on the crew are:

Mike Hackfort

Mike 'Iowa' Hackfort - Senior Coxswain

Fished out of the sea by the boat years ago, this Iowan works to earn his keep while studying charts to figure out where he is and how to send word home...

Anthony Rees

Anthony 'Pie' Rees - Coxswain

A man who cares passionately about the boat (and pork scratchings). When he's not down the lifeboat shed, he's manipulating people's protons using a ridiculously hi-tech MRI machine.

Andy Morgan

Andy 'Morgs' Morgan - Coxswain

Morgs is a former tank driver who's swapped his tracks for outboards. Now has to act as the ships dog after the sad passing of the previous incumbent.

Richard Jones

Richard 'Jonesy' Jones - Coxswain

A nurse.

Simon Lamble

Simon Lamble - Coxswain

Our DOIC (Divisional Officer in Charge), he's the less famous brother of Guy Lamble.

Dave Atkinson

Dave Atkinson - Coxswain

Best beard on the boat. Dave builds stuff for people to use when they're playing 'pretend'.

Pete Bailey

Pete Bailey - Senior Crew

Can tune pianos, surf, tie complicated knots and owns a smurf costume. Spends long periods of time away at sea. Probably a spy.

Mark Foxton

Mark Foxton - Crew

Now retired, therefore can't afford a barber. Struggling to understand the meaning of the word retired though.

Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas - Crew

Mark's a bit of a hoarder.

David Martin

David Martin - Secretary

An ex-Assistant Head Teacher now 'Head of the Shed'. A strict disciplinarian who keeps our attention on the fundraising.

Guy Lamble

Jack Foxton - Trainee Crew

Would rather we didn't have engines

Jamie Jones

Jordan Daniels - Trainee Crew

Most decorated member of the crew. Takes being a sailor very seriously.

Jamie Jones

Steve Baynton - Trainee Crew

Failed goat farmer, failed metal worker. Tells people to turn it off and back on again.

Matt Roth

Grant Holder - Trainee Crew

Blows sh*t up. Pretends he doesn't enjoy his job.  Probably currently on holiday.


Matt Roth

Liam Ross - Trainee Crew

Scottish. Not quite sure what he says. We think he might work for British Airways.

Matt Roth

Tony Walsh - Senior Shore Crew

Has occasionally been known to crack a smile - we think it was probably wind.

Matt Roth

Gordon Meiklejohn - Treasurer

Scottish bean counter. The perfect combination.

Ferryside Lifeboat

Claire Lucas - Training Manager

Seems she like the less hirsute types!

Matt Roth

Ned Stephens - Trainee Crew

The new boy

Blue the dog


In memoriam - on the bright side, the crew can eat their bacon sandwiches unmolested.