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The Crew

The crew of the Ferryside Lifeboat are all volunteers from the village. Currently on the crew are:

Mike Hackfort

Mike 'Iowa' Hackfort - Senior Coxswain

Fished out of the sea by the boat years ago, this Iowan works to earn his keep while studying charts to figure out where he is and how to send word home...

Anthony Rees

Anthony 'Pie' Rees - Coxswain

A man who cares passionately about the boat (and pork scratchings). When he's not down the lifeboat shed, he's manipulating people's protons using a ridiculously hi-tech MRI machine.

Andy Morgan

Andy 'Morgs' Morgan - Coxswain

Morgs is a former tank driver who's swapped his tracks for outboards. You'll often find him being taken for a walk by his owner, Blue, who also acts as the ship's dog.

Mike Utting

Mike 'Mutting' Utting - Coxswain

Mike's a compulsive shopper, He's always buying stuff, often for other people. Mike's frequently jetting off around the world on 'business' and has 'offices' in China and America. He's almost certainly a spy.

Richard Jones

Richard 'Jonesy' Jones - Coxswain

A nurse.

Simon Lamble

Simon Lamble - Coxswain

Our DOIC (Divisional Officer in Charge), he's the less famous brother of Guy Lamble.

Dave Atkinson

Dave Atkinson - Coxswain

Best beard on the boat. Dave builds stuff for people to use when they're playing 'pretend'.

Pete Bailey

Pete Bailey - Senior Crew

Can tune pianos, surf, tie complicated knots and owns a smurf costume. Spends long periods of time away at sea. Probably also a spy (See Mutting). 

Rob Harley

'Ancient' Rob Harley - Crew

Rob came to Anthony's 40th birthday in a nightgown and nightcap. Kind of tells you all you need to know.

p.s. Don't let him near the tractor.

Rob Bamforth

Rob Bamforth - Crew

A former rocket scientist (really!) who now dabbles in IT, marketing and whatnot.

David Martin

David Martin - Trainee Crew

An ex-Assistant Head Teacher now 'Head of the Shed'. A strict disciplinarian who keeps our attention on the fundraising. 

Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas - Crew

Mark's a bit of a hoarder.

Guy Lamble

Guy Lamble - Crew

Tells us he's a chef of world-renown. We wouldn't know as he's never actually cooked for us.

Mark Foxton

Mark Foxton - Crew


Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones - Crew

Cultural Attache

Jesper Rolen

Jesper Rolen - Trainee Crew

Jesper spends most of his time telling people to turn it off and on again in different languages. He regularly travels between Sweden, Amsterdam and Ferryside. Probably also a spy, but not necessarily one of ours.

Cath Marks

Cath Marks - Crew

We're too scared of Cath to say much about her here, other than to say she's a fine sailor and crew-member.  Now inconveniently placed for duty, but we like her too much to take her off the list in case she returns.

Matt Roth

Matt Roth - Coxswain

A doctoral candidate in fluid dynamics, Matt's the one that points us towards the sea. Not only can he helm boats, but he can fly planes. He's also German, and can't drink beer, which is weird. Also inconveniently located at present.

Blue the dog

Blue - Ship's Dog

Do not approach if you have a bacon sandwich.