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Comms Upgrade

Ferryside Lifeboat's annual running  costs average around  £11,000 every year. However,  we also need to raise significantly larger sums for new equipment or a significant replacement.

Right now, there is a need to update the communications equipment on the main lifeboat.

The communications equipment on the lifeboat is now 10 years old and has reached the end of its life. Sea water is incredibly pervasive and, despite thorough cleaning and washing every time it's used, the headsets and wiring that allows crews to talk to each other when at sea is no longer functional. In addition, our navigation displays are obsolete and no longer receiving the necessary software updates to work properly.

We're in the process of renewing these systems to allow the crew to work and communicate safely, both with each other and other craft.

We've been given a grant towards a new comms by the Department of Transport, however we need to contribute our own funds to top this up to the full cost, and are looking to raise £4,000.

Ferryside Lifeboat's current Tractor

If you'd like to help, you can make a donation to Ferryside Lifeboat or talk to us about a corporate partnership.