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June Round Up

Apologies for not updating the website sooner but we’ve had a hectic few weeks.

June has proved to be an exciting month despite the awful weather. We started with the annual Garden Crawl on the 24th June. The weather just about held out for everybody and we we’re really pleased to see so many people turn up for the event. We would like to extend a particular thank you to all the villagers who once again opened up their gardens and made the event so successful. Some regular gardens took a sabbatical this year and had the chance to visit other gardens for once. They will however all be opening up next year for the Garden Crawl’s Silver Jubilee since starting in 1989. The crew are grateful to all who continue to support us throughout the years, so thanks for this year but don’t miss next year! We also need to thank Mr. Tony Bean for his continued efforts that have made this event such a success.

June 30th saw the annual GlastonFferi event held in the Rugby Club. Once again we had a great night of music and it was good to see so many people enjoying themselves. Thank you to all the bands who turned up for a stipend and provided us with an evening of great music. Again we must thank Mr. Oram for his continued efforts in developing the idea and making it a success.

On a more serious note we have been called out several times where people on board either do not have lifejackets or have them on board but are not wearing them. Please wear your lifejackets at all times. They are not going to be of any use if you fall in the water and you’re not actually wearing them.


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